Exploring the many aspects of developing a unique camera, the ZEISS ZX1.


Product Messaging / Film Direction / Film Production / 3D Animation / 3D Still Images / Storytelling





For more than 175 years, ZEISS has been the leader in ground-breaking optical technology. Their flagship camera, ZEISS ZX1, is the pinnacle of both science and innovation.

To tell the story of this exceptional device, ZEISS trusted MacWell to create films that explore the technology and development of the camera.

The ZEISS ZX1 is developed for the professional photographer. It allows the user to shoot high quality full frame images, refine them through an onboard editing suite and finally, share them directly from the camera.

The device’s advanced technology called for a clear and concise visual presentation. It’s purposeful minimalism became the inspiration for the films’ concept, emphasizing functionality over decoration. The beauty of the product lies in purpose evolved into a timeless design.
MacWell created two films to explore the many aspects of developing this unique product.

‘The Art and Science of the ZEISS ZX1 – purposeful minimalism’
explores the relationship between industrial design choices and user experience through materials, interfaces and overall aesthetics of the device.
‘The Art and Science of the ZEISS ZX1 – the innovation behind exceptional images’ centers on how the interaction of the lens, sensor and algorithms create superior digital images.
Together with the client, we created scripts that relied on everyday language instead of heavy technical jargon. We wanted to make sure the complex technical topics became easily understandable.

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