Creating a brand for the Waltero retrofit solution that turns analogue operations smart.


Brand Development / Brand Identity / Brand Messaging / Brand Guidelines / Visual Identity / Tone of Voice / Storytelling / Illustrations / 3D Still Images / Graphic Design





Waltero is a Swedish technology company contributing to resource efficiency with cutting-edge technology. Their solution turns any analog meter into a smart meter in seconds and delivers actionable data for better utility management. 

MacWell was recruited to create a brand that reflects Waltero’s Nordic origins and communicates the brilliance of the solution.
Waltero had their purpose previously defined: We contribute to a resource efficient world. Using this purpose as a keystone, we built a solid brand foundation around it, including values to adhere to.

A core part of creating the Waltero brand was understanding the product. Utilizing the work done in building the brand foundation, we created a self-explanatory key visual that depicts the W-Solution and its working principles.
The Waltero brandbook contains pragmatic guidelines for both tone-of-voice and look & feel.

The guidelines take into account the different industries Waltero works with, as well as gives clear direction on how to use visual assets in various settings.

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