Thermo Fisher

Showcasing how the team behind the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ system spent years in pursuit of perfection.


Product Campaign / Product Marketing Toolkits / Storytelling / Film Direction / Film Production / Photography / 3D Animation / 3D Still Images


Thermo Fisher Scientific



Thermo Fisher Scientific™ is a global leader in serving science, known for their innovative solutions and commitment to advancing technology for a better world.

At MacWell, we share this passion for technology and science. We jumped on the opportunity to work with such an legendary company to showcase their upgraded Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Real-Time PCR System.
The product video was at the heart of the project. Conceptualizing and scripting it with the client was a journey of discovery, and the final product is a testament to that. Expertly crafted together with our friends at Cocoa and Boutique Animation, it showcases and celebrates Thermo Scientific’s passion for their product.
We also created CGI product imagery to showcase these innovative tools in all their glory, and documented the updated workflow of the SureTect system through photography.

The images showcase the new tools and processes in action. Our focus was on the everyday experience of the person working in the lab, and how the improvements of the upgraded system makes their life better.

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