Creating a name and a brand that lean on legacy while leading others to the future.


Brand Naming / Brand Development / Brand Identity / Brand Messaging / Brand Guidelines /  Visual Identity / Tone of Voice / Print Design / Website Design / Graphic Design


Sumirai Technologies



Sumirai Technologies, formerly SR-O Technology, enhances productivity and safety in various industries by fusing leading-edge autonomy, automation, and mission-critical wireless communication technologies.  

MacWell was tasked with renaming the company and building a brand that showcases its future-facing philosophy and sets it apart from other operators in the industry.
The name Sumirai nudges towards the Sumitomo Corporation, the umbrella entity it operates under, and the fearless ways of the samurai. It also holds two Japanese words crucial to the brand’s core: Mirai, which means the future, and rai, which describes someone reliable.
To accommodate the client’s needs the branding was executed in modular form. The project progressed from the name and the brand’s core to comprehensive guidelines, launch materials for social media, and even work clothes design.
Utilizing the visual work done and messages crafted in the branding phase, we also set up a website for Sumirai.

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