Branding an innovative e-biking company that wants people to rediscover the thrill and excitement of biking.


Brand Refresh / Brand Messaging / Visual Identity / Tone of Voice / Brand Guidelines / Print Design / Product Messaging





“Can you remember what intense excitement feels like?”

Revonte is not your typical e-biking company. They create innovative new drive systems for electric bikes that aim to revolutionize the way we see and think about bikes.

To take their company forward, they needed a full rebrand with both Tone of Voice and Look & Feel. But before we could do that, we needed to define their brand strategy in order to know which direction to go. So, it was workshop time.
Together with their leadership team, we defined their core values, and purpose driven mission and vision, and started to apply those attributes to the way they operate their business.

We wanted everything to reflect their extreme passion for biking, with a healthy dose start-up anarchy. The message: Revonte supercharges the e-bike life and saves the world while doing it. Sound grand? Well, why settle for less!
Everyone remembers what it’s like to experience the thrill of biking as a child; the freedom, the fun, the excitement!

That’s where Revonte wants to take us – on a journey to rediscover the fun of biking.
Strong interplay between typographic hierarchy, images and active empty space is how we created credibility, legibility and a Revonte way of creating powerful yet beautiful layouts.

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