Return Entertainment

Branding the next wave of mass entertainment.


Brand Identity / Brand Development / Brand Messaging / Product Naming / Visual Identity / Tone of Voice / Storytelling / Brand Guidelines / Creative Consulting


Return Entertainment



Return Entertainment develops cloud-native technology and games for the next wave of mass entertainment – SmartTV cloud gaming. Designed for mainstream consumers, the players can enjoy big screen playtime by using their mobile phones as controllers.

MacWell was called in to create a brand identity to match the ground-breaking, yet fun and geeky nature of their pioneering craft. 
The company identity was built on a core purpose with brand foundation and persona, and guidelines for tone-of-voice and look & feel. 
The Return Entertainment brand manual soon turned guidelines into actual assets, as we produced an array of materials - both physical and digital - to be used in multiple channels for marketing and brand awareness.
To support the launch of the brand and securing further investments, the collaboration continued with creating investor pitches and supporting with marketing materials.

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