OnePlus 12

Catching the world’s attention with films and freezing football PR.


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OnePlus, best known for their smartphones, is a globally renowned company that makes high-quality, user-centric technology. 

MacWell was tasked with creating a launch campaign for the new flagship phone, OnePlus 12. The aim was to create a locally relevant storyline that differentiates OnePlus from the competition and generates earned media and viral potential.
To maximize the impact of the launch we concepted and produced a PR stunt: The Most Freezing Football Match in the World. Two celebrity football teams, Gilla FC from Finland and Off-Pitch from Norway, played an epic and icy match on a frozen lake. 

To promote the match, we created a teaser film to set up the scene, give the story origins, and create pre-event hype.
We also created product films that showcased OnePlus 12 key selling points in a creative, entertaining, and nationally relatable way. Showing the phone’s superior performance through all-too-familiar everyday struggles in our Northern climate made the product’s features tangible and relevant.  
The results were impressive. OnePlus 12 was the most sold Android flagship phone in Finland.

OnePlus social media follower KPI was surpassed by +318%.
The freezing football match was picked up by the media locally and globally.

A total of 35 articles created a reach of over 10 million people. Finnish mainstream media alone generated a reach of over 4,1 million people. Finland's largest TV channel, MTV3, highlighted our campaign on the 10 o'clock evening news.  

Global media hits included Italy, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Mexico, and even Peru.

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