Nokia 9 Pureview

Showcasing an extraordinary phone with a global launch campaign and an extravaganza of campaign assets.


Product Marketing Strategy / Product Messaging / Product Marketing Toolkits / Product Campaign / Campaign Creative / Film Direction / Photography / 3D Animation / 3D Still Images  


HMD Global



For decades Nokia has pioneered in the mobile phone industry. Since the very beginning they have ambitiously looked forward, inventing unexpected products that profoundly transform our daily lives.

Together with HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, we created a global campaign celebrating the new Nokia 9 PureView. We put the product first and based our campaign on the uniqueness of the phone – the first and only smartphone with five cameras.

We presented the Nokia 9 PureView’s imaging capabilities through the global product launch film that highlighted the user experience. Inspired by the phone’s stunning form factor we visualized the creation of the device, starting from the very first droplets of melted glass.
We closely collaborated with HMD Global as their key partner during the inspiring journey of the device – from the early stages of development to the final campaign launch assets.

The cooperation equipped us with exclusive insights about the product’s imaging capabilities and the outstanding design. Our tightly bonded partnership created the foundation for understanding the client’s goals and translating them into consumer facing solutions.   
To demonstrate the outstanding power of the Nokia 9 PureView, we equipped a group of professional photographers with the device. We sent them on a mission around the globe to capture the everyday beauty under varying conditions, to validate the capabilities of the five cameras.

The authentic photographs, both captured and edited on the device, gave the global campaign an emotionally captivating touch that makes a strong impression internationally. Besides the emotional impact, the content works as a rational proof of the forerunning technology behind the phone.
The creation of the Nokia 9 PureView’s global campaign proved to us that, at its best, a successful cooperation feels like a natural extension of two teams, especially when the client believes in their vision as passionately as HMD Global does.

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