Nokia 2760 Flip

Introducing a modern version of a true classic: the Nokia flip phone with smart features.


Product Messaging / Product Marketing Strategy / Campaign Creative / Marketing Toolkits / Film Direction / 2D Animation / 3D Animation / 3D Still Images


HMD Global



HMD USA gave MacWell a very interesting creative task with the Nokia 2760 Flip. The brief was to introduce a smart Nokia flip phone to the carrier of a major US retailer.

Our biggest challenge was to create a message and assets that resonate with a very wide demographic of retail consumers - from parents looking for a first phone for their child to a pensioner looking for an easy-to-use option. Our solution was: “A modern flip on the classic”

We celebrated the classic form factor and the features of the Nokia 2760 Flip with a creative that is easy going and evokes the feelings of good times.

The visual concept was inspired by late 60’s and early 70’s graphic design, which combined with the CGI of the product resulted in a distinctly retro while still premium visual look & feel.
Our creative makes the Nokia 2760 Flip phone the star and relies on a simple visual language that merge naturally with the music.

We created a signature audio track for the product, with jazzy drumbeats that elicit a cool, easy-going vibe. The ‘tactile sounds’ mesh with the animation and the Nokia 2760 Flip; an example of this concept is the satisfactory ‘snap’ when the phone is closed, illustrated by the finger-snaps of the audio track.

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