Bringing forest air into concrete spaces.


Brand Identity / Brand Messaging / Visual Identity / Tone of Voice / Brand Guidelines / Product Messaging / Film Production / 3D Animation / Website Design / UI Design / Print Design





Naava is a smart green wall that improves the quality of air you breathe indoors. It’s a company that reconnects humanity with nature through green walls, and we wanted to build a truly mesmerizing, even poetic brand image for them.

We knew that the brand strategy, brand creation and overall assets pipeline work should be as refreshing and vibrant as nature itself – to perfectly correspond with a brand that brings forest air into concrete spaces.

With each of our brand creation cases, our mission is to find the most resonant story – the core attributes that engage the clients of our clients. We are here to make them fall in love with a brand, to create a strong base of brand loyalty and subsequently strong brand equity.
We equipped Naava with standardized layouts, brand color palette and brand videography; the tools that help them stand out as a company with a soul and a purpose.

Naava is working towards an important, good cause, and we’re proud to have been involved in delivering its message to a wider coverage.

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