Hiab HiPerform

Relaunching Hiab’s HiPerform services with clear and relatable messaging and a new visual style.


Product Messaging / Product Campaign / Film Direction / Film Production / Photography / Motion Graphics / Graphic Design





Hiab is famous for making machines that lift and move heavy loads. To make the most of the equipment, they have developed ever smarter services and solutions. Our task was to creatively package and launch the HiPerform brand as an umbrella for all of their smart solutions. 
First, we held stakeholder workshops and interviews to establish the key customer segments and their biggest needs. Based on this, we developed the concept, “Take a load off”, and a series of videos, photos, segment specific messaging, and website content.
To communicate Hiab’s digital savvy we developed a motion graphics style that is at the same time fresh and undeniably true to the iconic Hiab brand.
Benefits, not features.

Once we had identified the key segments, we focused on finetuning the specific customer benefits and messaging for each of the key segments.

For the launch campaign of HiPerform, we created a series of videos featuring our hero, the Trucker. He simplifies the complexity of the smart solutions in a way that is understandable to all.

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